Thursday, August 6, 2015

Come to 0ur Concert August 12th.

This is a poem inspired by our school concert.

Room 9 Concert Disaster!

Tamara bumped into Shalom and they fell down on their faces
He tipped and slipped and broke his hip. You should have seen our faces.

Faamalele walked onto the stage, but she was way to early
She got hit by a taiaha and went home on a gurnney

Micah went to help her up 
but then the spotlight shone 
 she danced her way into the crowd
it meant her act was done.

After us there was a fuss with the other classes
One lost a shoe, forgot a boot 
and others were just too cute.

We all stepped up to take our places
You should have seen the audiences  
They all cracked up and laughed
right in our faces.

by Tufaina