Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exposition Writing by Room 9

Saturday morning practice
I think sports on Saturday should be banned so you can have a day off.
What I think should happen is sports should be banned in NZ school, why?Because you get hurt.
Saturday sports are bad because you have to get up early in the morning.That makes you tired.
That is why I think Saturday sport is bad.

By To'e

Saturday practice is good, everyone in the world should do it.
 I think Saturday practice is good because it helps people get fit and it could take you to the big days like becoming a All black.
It lets you get over your fear of being tackled.How do you take over your fear? Sometimes you just have to be tackled a lot of times, it helps you get over it.
That is how you get over your fear.I feel excited because we get to do better stuff like playing rugby on Saturday.

By John

People shouldn't play sports on Saturday and it should be banned in NZ schools.
Sports shouldn't be played on Saturday because of getting hurt; you could just sit down and watch t.v.
Sports is fun and boring at the same time because you have to be benched for a long time and can't play on the field and can't be the champion.Why is sports not fun?Because you get hurt.
That's why sports is boring too.

That's why sports shouldn't be played, confused?

By Ocean

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