Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ocean Walks Baby T

It was fun walking baby T, but at the same time it was scary because his teeth were as sharp as a razor. It was exciting when Baby T walked in the door, the costume was amazing. We thought it would be robotic. He sounded like my Mum when she gets angry or like a wolf looking for his pack.
Everyone was screaming loud, I couldn't hear anything. Room 3 were crying. Room 6 were scared and Room 9 was just perfect.

Ocean & Cornell

Maths Madness Unite

A photo of the mini maths challenge team from Russell School. We were chosen to participate in a maths challenge at Windley School.
We got a certificate for participating. I felt proud of our team because we did our best and worked together.


Movin March Week

 Sometimes I walk to school with my friends. We play on the way. We talk about what we are going to do, our teacher and what we did yesterday.
I walk to school to learn. On the way I see kids playing and sometimes at the shop when they buy their lunch. When the bell goes they go to their class.