Monday, November 11, 2013

Rememberance Day

Eliah helps lower the flag

Yesterday at Russell School it was Armistice Day.First Sharnita did the karanga to welcome the guests. Then we stood up to sing 'He Kakano Ahau'. Before we did 'He Kakano Ahau' we were suppose to do a haka, but we took so long that Whaea Rachelle started the songs.

The good thing about the Armistice ceremony was when we sang "Tihore Mai Te Rangi' because we got all the words right.When all the little kids in Room 2 did there poem they did well. On Thursday they didn't know all their words and we felt surprised.
We felt proud of the poem Nelisa, Willow and Fay wrote because they tried hard when practicing, and yesterday they did a great job saying it.

When the RSA forgot their words when singing their song we felt empathy. When they finished we clapped for them. We felt empathy when Tau lost his words, he kept trying and finished strong!

We remember Armistice Day to keep remembering the people who fought for us and our freedom.

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