Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wild life at the Zoo!

We had an amazing trip to the zoo on Tuesday.

Thank you to all the helpers, who even had to get blind folded. Yes, Veronica your group was taking you to be feed to the lions! All the adults showed great HEART.

We loved seeing a real kiwi. Did you know a tuatara feels soft? Most of us thought it would be hard like teeth. And it's much bigger than it looked on the old five cent coin.

When you are at Wellington Zoo look up and you might find the red panda is spying on you.

Next term we look forward to learning more  from 'Bush Builders' and what lives in our gardens, trees and areas around Russell School.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Famous Room 9

We went to Hosanna Hall at 5.30pm. We felt shy because there were  a lot of people there and we might get stage fright.

When we first walked into the wings, we were shy. By the time we were on the stage we had big smiles on all our faces.But when we danced to the 'Winner' song we all felt proud because our parents were there. Then the lights turned on, the spot light went boom on us, like an angel coming down towards us.

The audience was packed like cars in a traffic jam. After we finished dancing the crowd went wild like a bunch of lions roaring 'Rrrrr!'.