Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kis Can dress up

Room 9
Today Russell School had a dress up day to raise money for Kids Can and to give thanks to them for giving us baked beans, warrior jackets, shoes, nut bars and beanies . Some kids won a cirtificate and a gold metal for the best costume. I think Eliah & Lylah had the best costume because they were wearing another schools's uniform. By Fay

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mr Alfred Ngaro MP inspires

Mr Ngaro & Brandon train hard.
Aishah wins because  she knows to 'Dare to Dream'
Today MP Mr Alfred Ngaro came to visit us in Room 9. He is not Mr Lost, because of his dreams he knows where he is and where he wants to go.

Mr Alfred taught us three things:
1. It is important to have a goal or dream
2. Tell someone it
3. Work hard to reach your goal.

This is important, thanks Mr Ngaro.