Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kapo Kapo

On Friday 21th of June 2013 Russell School Kapo Kapo team went to the Te Rauparaha arena. Did you know why we went to do kapo kapo? To celebrate the Moari new Year. The school that were there were Brandon Intermediate,Natone School,tairang,Holy family, Rangkora,Te Kura Maori, Winley,Discovery School and Russell.The frist song we did was Te Matarik then us i was nervous that i was about to pee my pants but i didn't.I say we did a Awesome job! Because in front of lots of people everyone did good singing and showed teamwork.The school that did the best was Natone because it was funny to watch then it was time to go and I said we did a good job.