Thursday, December 6, 2012

Road Patrols trip

On the 6th of December the road petrolers went to the Aquatic Center to thank them for their hard work. First we went to the pools, we got changed and then went for a swim. But when Molly and I got in the pool a man told us we can`t swim in singlets. He said we can go and get a shirt from the counter, but the shirts were a dollar each! So we were stuck we had no money on us, we asked Kaiona and he gave us 2 dollars to hire the t shirts. We went in the pools and we were about to go to the slide but it said SLIDE CLOSED. After that we went to play some games. We played basketball.A boy was going to throw the ball to the teacher, but I caught the ball and we got a goal! The funniest thing was when I defended a teacher that was taller then me.

By Fusi 

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