Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mighty Wind Farm & Hobbit Trip

We were awesome buddies for Room 3 at the wind farm.

It was a fun day. We finally got to see a wind turbine close up. It was freaky and big.

The weirdess thing was watching the kds jumping, playing helecopters as the blade shadows went by.
Room 9 boys ready for The Hobbit premiere.

Thank you to the helpers who came with us.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Visit from Mrs & Mr Wilcox and their friend Shackleton Bear

Russell Dog meets Shackleton Bear
Katoa & Shackleton listening
Mrs Wilcox and Shackleton Bear came to Room 9 to teach us about their trip to Antarctica.
They had a Hawaiian Party when it was a cold day. They must have been brave because if it was us we would have kept our jackets on.     

You have to wear lots of layers in the snow

Shackleton now thinks he's a polar bear. He had a goal to be the first bear to go to the South Pole.

He taught us not to give up on our goals.

Making Gluey Gloop

The emerald nine reading group did a great job as leaders teaching others how to make gloop.

It was fun making it because our hands got sticky.
This term we've have been learning colour theory. We had to mix food colouring in gloop. Can you see what colour kowhai and ma made?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Armistice Week

Armistice Day Art
The Raising Poppies

Red blood on Flanders Field
Blood, the grass that is green
Proud of people who fought for New Zealand
Blood red flowers, sad and mad the same
People's sons and fathers didn't return home
That is a poppy.

By Tain

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Michael Fowler Center

On Thursday at 11.30am room 9 and room 6 went to the Michael Fowler Center to listen to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. First we waited for the bus to came.When the bus came we had to find a partner and sit down on a seat in the bus.Then we drove off to Wellington. When we got there we went inside the Michael Fowler Center and had our morning tea in the foyer. Next Miss Forster asked if anyone needed to go to the toilet.After that we went up stairs and into the stage and that was when they started playing the music. The music was very good because it was soothing like a lullaby. It made me go to sleep. Ben and Danny had to wake me up. I will always remember that it's not really boring watching the N.Z.S.O.

By Ngun Cung